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1 Feet = 12 Inch, 1 Inch = 0.0833333 Feet

Feet and inche are the terms that we are so accustomed to use that we sometimes forget the significance of these terms. Before we differentiate between the two and see how we convert Feet to inche, let us look at them separately so that we understand these terms.


A foot is technically defined as 30.48 cm exactly. Foot can also be written as “ft” or by using a prime symbol (‘) . One foot contains about 12 inches or 0.3048 m. This unit of measurement was known as foot because it is originally based on the length of a foot. The foot was used in many systems including that of Greek, Roman, English, Chinese and French before it was standardized as a unit of measurement. Earlier the exact length of the foot differed because of difference in anatomy of each person. It was between 250mm and 335 mm in the past as that compared to that of the above measurement.

Foot/feet are usually used to measure height or shorter distances. In addition, it is widely used to measure altitude or elevation like that of a mountain.

How many inches are there in one feet.

1 Feet = 12 Inches


Inch or “in” is a unit of length. Inch is sometimes used to convert similar units into measuring system. It can be said to be equivalent to the width of the thumb of an average adult. Inch is also denoted by double prime (“). The word inch is borrowed from a Latin word “uncial”, meaning one twelfth. The exact measurement of a length of an inch have varied in the past, but since the 1950s it has been defined as 2.54millimetre

Inches are used widely. Some of the uses include measuring your TV screen or measuring your clothing.

Conversion from Feet to Inches table

Feet (ft) Inches (in)
0.01 ft 0.12 in
0.1 ft 1.2 in
0.2 ft 2.4 in
0.3 ft 3.6 in
0.4 ft 4.8 in
0.5 ft 6.0 in
0.6 ft 7.2 in
0.7 ft 8.4 in
0.8 ft 9.6 in
0.9 ft 10.8 in
1 ft 12 in
2 ft 24 in
3 ft 36 in
4 ft 48 in
5 ft 60 in
6 ft 72 in
7 ft 84 in
8 ft 96 in
9 ft 108 in
10 ft 120 in
100 ft 1200 in

Q1: convert 2 feet into inches

1 ft= 12 inches
2 ft= 2* 12
= 24 inches

Q2: convert 5 feet into inches

1 ft= 12 inches
5 ft = 5* 12
= 60 inches

Our feet to inch converter helps you to convert ‘ft to in’ quickly and accurately.


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