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In order to know how to calculate percentage, we must first know what a percentage is. A percentage is said to be a ratio which has been expressed as a fraction of 100. Percentage is denoted by the symbol “%”.

There are many uses of percentages, it is used in school to calculate marks, in offices and most people present their data in terms of percentage.

The percentage formula can be written in different forms, but it is an algebraic equation involving three values.

P =
× 100

Where P is the percentage
The first value being V1 and the second value being V2


P =
= 0.05 × 100 = 5%

What is the percentage formula?

You can write the percentage formula in three ways:

  1. Percentage formula= 100* part/ whole
    Using this formula you can answer questions like- what percentage of 100 is 20.
  2. Whole=100 * part / percentage
    This formula can answer questions like – what would be 100% if 50 is 25%.
  3. Part= whole* percentage / 100
    Using this formula, you can answer questions like- what is 50% of 100

How to calculate percentage of marks obtained?

To calculate the percentage of the marks obtained, you can use the above formula and calculate the percentage obtained.

Since you must have 5 or 6 subject, to calculate the percentage overall, you must add all the marks obtained and divide it by the total number of marks. After this you can multiply the resultant with 100 to find your overall percentage.

The sum of Mark scored in all the Subjects =487
The sum of Maximum Marks of all subjects =500

P =
× 100


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How to calculate percentage with calculator?

Knowing how to calculate percentages with a calculator can come very handy considering the long list of uses percentages have in our day to day life. To calculate percentage with a calculator, all you must do is divide the obtained number and the total number, and then multiply the resultant with a 100.

There you go, now you can calculate percentages with your own calculator.

How to calculate percentage discount?

To calculate percentage discount, subtract the sale price from the list price and then multiply by 100 to get the percentage.

• L = List Price
• S = Sale Price
• D = Discount percentage

If the list price of an item is 120 and the final sale price is 90 then calculate the discount.
Amount Saved=120−90=30

As a shopper, you are always keen to know the discount rates and also how much you can actually end up saving in monetary terms. Want to find out what the final price would be after you use that 15% discount? To find out use the following formula:
Discounted price= original price- (original price * discount/ 100)

How to calculate percentage in excel?

To calculate the percentage in excel, use the following formula:

Part\total= percentage

In column B you have the number of "Ordered items" and in column C you have "Delivered items" Find out the percentage of delivered products.

  1. Enter the formula =C2/B2 in cell D2, you may copy it down to as many rows as you need.
  2. Click the Percent Style button which you can find here: Home tab > Number group, to display the resulting decimal fractions as percentages.
  3. The number of decimal places can be increased as per requirement

The same sequence of steps can be followed to calculate percentage Excel.

How to calculate percentage in excel

Calculating percentage of total in Excel

If you have values in column B and their total in the cell B10, use the following formula to calculate percentages of the Total: =B2/$B$10

Keep changing the cell reference to cell B2 accordingly, because you will have to change it when you copy it to other cells of column B. You should enter $B$10 as an absolute cell reference because you must to leave the denominator fixed on B10 while you auto-fill the formula down to row 9.

Note: in order to make the denominator an absolute reference, type the dollar sign ($) manually. You could also do this by clicking the cell reference in the formula bar and Press F4

Calculating percentage of total in Excel

Calculating percentage when the parts of the total are in multiple rows

Suppose you have several rows for the same product and you want to know what part of the total is made by each orders of that product. Here, you can use SUMIF function to add up all numbers relating to a given product first, and then divide that number by the total.
=SUMIF(range, criteria, sum_range) / total

Column A contains all product names
Column B lists corresponding quantities
Cell E1 is the name of the product
Cell B10 shows the total
=SUMIF(A2:A9 ,E1, B2:B9) / $B$10

Calculating percentage of total in Excel

The product name can be inserted easily in the formula like this:
=SUMIF(A2:A9, "cherries", B2:B9) / $B$10

How to calculate percentage increase?

The Percentage Increase is the increase from one value to another in terms of a percentage.

Percentage Increase=(Final Value−Starting Value)/Starting Value×100

Price of a product gores up from old value of $1000 to new value of $1200
Percentage increase = ($1200 - $1000) / $1000 × 100%
= 0.2 × 100% = 20%

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How to calculate percentage decrease?

The Percentage decrease is the decrease in one value from another in terms of a percentage.

Percentage Decrease=(Starting Value−Final Value)/ Starting Value×100

Monica weighed 62 kg as of before the holidays. She is now 8% thinner than she was before.

How much does Monica weigh now?

62 – 8% * 62
= 62 – 4.96
= 57.04 kg

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