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"My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest."

Warren Buffett

What is Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) Calculator?

Calculate Compound Annual Growth Rate or CAGR calculator refers to the mean annual growth of an investment over a specific time duration. It takes the time value of money into an account, unlike the 100% return.

cagr calculator, Compound Annual Growth Rate

Online CAGR Calculator

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What is CAGR Formula?

The formula is one of the most important things in the calculation. Before using the Online CAGR calculator and implement CAGR formula your data should ready so put your data and get the correct result instantly. For the CAGR calculation is

CAGR Formula
CAGR = ( EV / BV)1 / n - 1
EV = Investment's Ending value
BV = Investment's Beginning value
N = Number of investment periods (months, years, etc.)

How you can use the formula above to calculate the CAGR?

Suppose there is an investment and the starting value is $1000 & it grows to $10000 in three years than the CAGR will be:
CAGR = (10000/1000)1 / 3 - 1
CAGR = 1.1544
Hence, The percentage of CAGR will be = CAGR x 100 = 1.1544 x 100 = 115.44 %

What is CAGR Formula on Excel?

CAGR formula on excel- It is the function which will be responsible for returning the compound annual growth rate value. Suppose you are in to a planning or in a financial analysis, you will require to calculate the CAGR rate in excel value and also CAGR formula on excel measures return value of an investment that is calculated over a certain period of time.

Below we will get to know how to calculate CAGR formula in excel. Compound annual growth rate or CAGR is one of the most often used financial tools to evaluate an investment over a period of time. You can use our company online CAGR calculator and get CAGR value easily with chart graphics.

CAGR formula on excel:
The formula is (CAGR = ( EV / SV)^(1/n)-1)
EV = Investment's Ending Value
SV = Investment's Starting Value
N = Number of investment periods (months, years, etc.)

The CAGR Formula is one of the most important aspects, so if you want to get a perfect result put data properly and get result in seconds. With the help of CAGR formula get results that will be 100% perfect.

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Uses of CAGR Calculator

With the help of CAGR calculator you can easily analyze your investment decisions. Some other uses of CAGR calculator as follows:

Advantages and disadvantages of CAGR

Calculate Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) calculator has some advantages and disadvantages as other items has.


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