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Struggling to get genuine results manually!!!

Today everyone is really focused towards the result which should be more than 100% correct, but manually it might not be possible that is why we use calculators. Calculators are playing very important role in making big calculations in seconds. Suppose you have to make compound interest manually you may do this, but, it may take very long time. In this blog, you will get to know about the compound interest and also how you can calculate compound interest in just seconds.

"My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest."

Warren Buffett

What is Compounded Interest Calculator?

It is of the most important concept which help you to understand when and how manage your finances also it can help you in earning a higher return on your investment & savings. Some time compounded interest calculator can work against you, mainly when you are paying interest on the loan.

When interest is added to the principal amount of an investment it is also a compound interest, it is called so as collective interest is added to the principal amount. Below are the example that help you to understand compound interest properly with the help of compounded interest calculator. Suppose you make an investment of Rs 40000 in a fixed deposit for 4 years and the rate of interest is 10%, then in the interest earned in the first year will be around 4000.

Compound Interest Calculator, Manually you might not get the exact result, so with the help of this compound interest calculator, you will a 100% per fact result. Also manually it will take some time, with the help of this calculator it will calculate compound interest in the seconds.

After using this calculator, you will get to know that how much compound interest you can earn out of your investment. With the help of this compounded interest calculator, you can calculate your compound interest yearly, half yearly, quarterly even if you want to calculate compound interest for a single day, you can calculate. This is the power of a compounded interest calculator which you feel and also see how it helps you and grow your investment by using an online compound interest calculator.

Compound Interest Formula

How to Calculate Compound Interest?

Formula for compound interest: Without formula it is very difficult to calculate properly.

Compound Interest Formula

With the help of a compound interest formula we can calculate compound interest with the tool or compound calculator it, for getting the result of compound interest you need three main things that are- Principal amount, Tenure of investment and interest rate.

You can use our compounded interest calculator, to know the complete interest that you have earned on a particular investment. You can use compound interest calculator online, below is the formula for compound interest calculator these calculation with compound interest calculator online.

The compound interest formula is A = P (1 + r/n) ^ nt

Compound Interest Formula
A = P (1 + r/n) ^ nt
  1. A = Future Value of Investments/Loan (Amount)
  2. P = Principal investment amount (the initial deposit or loan amount)
  3. r = Interest Rate
  4. n = Number of times that Interest is Compounded
  5. t = Tenure of the investment (Time) or the number of periods the money is invested or borrowed

With the help of following table you can understand the compound interest. You can calculate compound interest online:

Compound Interest Calculator online

Beginning account balance = $50000

Beginning account balance $50000
Annual interest rate % 12%
Compounding interval Yearly
Years to grow 20

Summary: If you start with $50000 in a saving account earning a 12% interest rate, compounded Yearly after 20 years of your savings, your account will have grown to $482314.65 is the total of your beginning balance, and 432314.65 is the total interest you have earned.

Compound example

Compound interest calculator online has made this calculation very easy and it will be understandable by everyone properly. The role of compound calculator is increasing day by day. The online things make everyone very comfortable, before sometime there were a big lines can be seen. Now everything is online, so compound interest calculator online can be justified and that is also taking very less time.


Before using a compound calculator to make sure that all the data you suppose to put, should be ready so that you could get per fact result with the help of our calculator, you will get great results after using compound interest calculator online. For more information regarding all different types of calculators please Click Here


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