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What is home loan EMI calculator?

A home loan calculator is a machine or tool that helps you to know that amount of your EMI you need towards the loan you have taken from the bank or other financial institution

In the modern era is an automated machine era, today most of us heavily depend on the machine as machine gives you the correct result as every users want. If you talk about a calculator, calculator is a machine which calculates after you put data on that particular machine. Home loan calculator is playing an important role in calculating your home loan calculation.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

A home loan calculator is a machine which calculates your home loan. In today time most of us take loan from a bank or a financial institution, as almost every person who have taken a loan, which you suppose to pay in Equated Monthly Installment (EMI), so this home loan calculator helps you know the amount of the EMI which you need to pay towards your home loan.

How to Calculate Home Loan EMI using formula

The formula for Home Loan EMI Calculation

CAGR Formula
EMI = [P x r x (1+r)^n]/[(1+r)^n-1]
E = Equated Monthly Installment (EMI)
P = Principal loan amount
r = Rate of interest or EMI Rate (calculated monthly basis)
n = Number of monthly installments or loan tenure in months
We understand this by an example

The formula is one of the most important as far as doing a hard calculation, before some time when these calculators do not come into existence, we use to do the calculation manually, but we might not get the proper or a user would have wanted to get, so if you know the formula we can even do anything as easy as ABCD.

Suppose your loan amount is 3000000 and the interest rate is 9.05% and loan term is 20 years then your monthly EMI will be 27088.32
Interest payable=3501197
Total amount payable=6501197.08

How to Calculate EMI for Home Loan using Excel sheet

The method of calculating a home loan EMI using in excel spreadsheet, for this you need three variable

For example: The amount of loan is 5 lac for 2 years and rate of interest is say 12% per/ year then the EMI calculation is PMT(12%/12, 24, 500000)

EMI for home loan calculator

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Loan Calculator

Use of Home Loan Calculator

Today everyone wants to have their own house wherever they stay, as most of us do not have enough money to buy a home. It is like a dream to have a house. To fulfil this dream you need money.

To have a house of yours, you need money, but the million dollar question is where the money will come, so our bank is playing very important role in providing a house for us indirectly means. They are providing loans for a user or a customer.

The banks are giving loans to you. So you will have returned the amount to the bank with interest. You can make EMI to pay to the bank, here the role of a home loan calculator starts. Manually, it is very difficult to calculate it is also time taking process, but if you use our calculator, you will get to know that our home loan calculator.

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